Iconic Brand - Big Changes

Company Highlights

    Morton is a highly recognized brand with 98% consumer awareness:

  • Over 30 facilities in North and South America
  • With the recent merger with Kissner, Morton Salt is now the largest salt production company in the world
  • Products are used in many industries; food/culinary, pet feed, oil & refinery, chemical manufacturing, healthcare, snow melt, water softening, ...
  • Innovation, production and efficiency will help lead the next phase of company growth.

Location Highlights

    This role will oversee the Rittman Facility (approx 250 employees)+ 5 other sites (250+), with 2 direct reports

  • Rittman, OH
  • Fairport Harbor, OH
  • Fairless Hills, PA
  • Manistee, MI
  • Silver Springs, NY
  • Cincinnati, OH (packaging)

Role Highlights

    This role is tailored for the leader who wants to drive consistency, fairness and equality in all HR related matters across 6 different locations. A top HR leader will achieve the following:

  • Develop and execute talent acquisition and retention strategies that reflect each given market
  • Improve equity and fairness, while mitigating health, safety and legal risks
  • Establish trusted advisor relationship with all local site leads & mmanagement


Interview Team

Mitch Udany

Director, HR

Al Longstreth

Regional HR

Mike Boyle

Rittman GM

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