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Market Leader in Salt

  • Over 30 production, mining, logistics and office facilities in North and South America
  • Market leader in the US, with extensive brand loyalty extending to Canada and South America
  • Products impact our communities; culinary, pharma, agriculture, oil & refinery, chemical mftg, highway de-icing, water softening, pool salt…
  • 170 yrs of heritage with a new path forward; financial rigor, prod. efficiency, and innovation to lead continued growth




The HR Mines Leader will:

  • Oversee all Human Resources related activities for Morton's mining sites in North America
  • Serve as part of Morton's HR Leadership Team with leaders from Evaporation, Solar, Talent Acquisition & Communications
  • Manage, Assist and Coach on union and labor related matters



Things we deeply care about

The following are attributes of our best leaders:

  • Intellectually Curious & Great Problem Solvers
  • Self-Motivated, Flexible & Adaptable
  • Consistent Positive Demeanor
  • Hands-on, willing to "get into the weeds"

Job Description

Role Description


The Human Resources Lead for Mines is a driven professional focused on continuously improving how talent is hired and managed within Morton’s manufacturing environment.  Under new direction, the HR team is on an aggressive path to rethink and improve the value they provide to the organization.  Given the credibility of the new CHRO and reputation of the other HR leaders, the timing is ideal to affect change related to almost all HR related activities.

When speaking with Olympia, please be prepared to share your salary expectations. We are unable to provide a salary range but can give guidance on if your expectations can be met.


What you’ll do:

Strategy & Design

  • Develop Talent Acquisition strategies that position Morton as an Employer of Choice and assist the local markets in attracting top talent for their openings.
  • Work with the local HR teams to refine the recruiting strategy to consider regional challenges and issues.
  • Develop / refine metrics for managing the effectiveness of Human Capital related activities.
  • Build and implement frameworks that seek to improve retention of both top performers and uniquely qualified professionals.
  • Ensure each facility has practices in place that perpetuate company values of respect, merit, safety, inclusion, and innovation.


  • Serve as the senior HR point of contact for any labor/union related issues that are escalated from any mining location.
  • Assist, as needed, in union contract negotiations and grievance procedures.
  • Work with corporate teams & leadership to identify & resolve policy issues that create hardships at the local level.

Coach & Develop

  • Establish relationships at the leadership level to position self as trusted advisor on the businesses biggest and most pressing matters.  While the HR team is highly valued at Morton, credibility still needs to be earned.
  • Coach and develop local HR teams to continuously learn and improve their daily activities.  Coaching is done from a position of helping, and not from a position of authority.
  • Continuously improve self to consider new ideas and approaches for the business as well as refine leadership style to be the standard for which other HR professional aspire.


In addition to demonstrating your capabilities of the above, top candidates possess:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in HR.
  • Minimum of 10+ years of progressive experience in manufacturing environment(s).  Mining is preferred but not required.
  • History of continuous improvement with HR
  • 5+ years of direct union/labor relations experience
  • Preferred work experience within both Canada and the U.S.

Morton Salt is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.



Largest Salt Company worldwide


Customers are loyal to the brand


Uses for Salt – Food, Highways, Medical Products, Water Softeners, …


Growth rate over the past year

The Team

Mitch Udany - Hiring Executive

Mitch Udany - Hiring Executive


Mitchell Dascher

Mitchell Dascher

President, North America Mining

Jean-Baptiste Dromer

Jean-Baptiste Dromer

Director - Canadian Mines


Why Morton Salt? Why Now?
  1. Morton Salt is a highly recognizable brand that, under new leadership, is rapidly executing on efficiency & results.
  2. Currently there is a heavy focus on finding individuals who can innovate and implement processes that contribute to expansion.
  3. Unique opportunity to drive change that has immediate and obvious impact to the business – truly exciting for those looking to make a difference.
Salary & Benefits
  • When speaking with Olympia, please be prepared to share your salary expectations. We are unable to provide a salary range but can give guidance on if your expectations can be met
  • Typically full benefits information will be provided at/near the offer stage. As a $2.5B+ company, Morton offers competitive medical, dental, vision and disability coverages as well as 401(k), vacation/PTO.
Company Culture

As Morton focuses on global expansion, culture will be defined by those who are successful change-agents, innovators and implementers.


Other attributes of building the culture include people who are:

  • Results driven
  • Collaborative
  • Continuous Improvement Focused
Office & Plants

Americas Headquarters in Chicago, IL


Plants & Facilities in the Americas include:

Canada – 12 sites

U.S. – 16 sites

Caribbean – 1 site (Inagua)

South America – 7 sites

Interview Process


Discuss opportunity with Olympia


Forward resume and salary target


Olympia Screen


Details presented to client


Client Initial Screen



What you can expect from Oympia:

  1. Directness – We will provide candid feedback on your background, skills, and alignment of objectives against the opportunity.
  2. Professionalism – We will keep to any commitments we make to you. Let’s hold each other to the highest standard of professionalism.
  3. Honesty – We will tell you if you are not a fit and we will share whatever information we can regarding your candidacy.


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