Ferguson Partners – Survey

Who We Are

    Our Insights & Survey Team captures market data that is critical to the success of Ferguson's management consulting, compensation consulting and executive search groups:

  • We conduct 20-30 surveys annually
  • We focus on the real estate and related financial services industries
  • Our team directly partners with leading trade associations

Our Differentiators

  • Our team works directly with C-Suite executives, HR leaders, and real estate trade associations

  • Our effort and results address some of the most pressing and critical HR issues - including employee retention, compensation equality, and workplace diversity and inclusion

Our Values

  • Intellectual Curiosity & Problem Solving
  • Self-Motivation, Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Accountability

Interview Team

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What We Do - Survey Team




We work with with internal teams to identify the required data that helps drive success for client projects.

Skills Enhanced: Communication, Organization, Cross-function


We efficiently design our sector surveys to generate as much client response as possible.

Skills Enhanced: Writing, End-User, Creativity

3. Refine Data

Once we receive survey data, it is critical that we ensure the accuracy and format of all information.

Skills Enhanced: Attention to Detail, Excel


We produce detailed survey results for large-scale environments. Clients rely on our data and insights to drive business decisions.

Skills Enhanced: Organizational, Time Management, Writing, and Analysis.


Our work requires that we build and maintain strong relationships both with key customers as well as internal leaders.

Skills Enhanced: Verbal, Written, Customer service.