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Market Leader in our sector

Human Capital advisory firm specializing in the real assets sector.

We partner with Compensation Committees and C-suite executives in large-scale real estate and infrastructure firms to provide executive compensation counsel necessary to attract and retain top leaders.

We advise on critical compensation issues, including benchmarking, program design, disclosure, and investor-related matters.



Work that matters in a way that people care about it

  • Our teams work directly with owners, senior executives, board members and stakeholders of businesses.
  • Our consulting advice adds meaningful value and elicits tangible results that impact how an organization is run.
  • As a specialist consulting firm, we dive deeper with our clients and provide a wider range of solutions than generalist firms.



Things we deeply care about

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Client focused
  • Intellectual Curiosity & Problem Solving
  • Self-Motivation, Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Meritocracy

Job Description

Executive Compensation Role Description


Ferguson Partners is seeking to add a Senior Associate (equivalent of Senior Consultant to Manager in competitors) to its executive compensation consulting practice in the Chicago office. This individual will provide critical problem-solving and project management support on compensation consulting projects.

The position reports to the Managing Director, based in Chicago.  There will be no direct reports though there will be high engagement with internal staff and executive-level clients.

The role is 100% based in the Ferguson’s Chicago office, located in the loop.

When speaking with Olympia, please be prepared to share your salary expectations. We are unable to provide a salary range but can give guidance on if your expectations can be met.

Success Factors:

Success in this role is seen in the following ways:

  • Ability to organize and work on multiple projects at the same time;
  • Exceptional level of accuracy and attention to detail;
  • Self-motivation and consistently high positive demeanor & attitude; and
  • Unique blend of operating in a top tier consultancy combined with entrepreneurial drive to improve and grow the platform.

What you’ll do:

Responsibilities will vary based on the project, but typical responsibilities include the following:

  • Conduct research and analysis of compensation, third-party research tools and client-provided materials, which may include reviewing the work of junior team members.
  • Collect and analyze large datasets in order to conduct compensation benchmarking studies.
  • Use analytical rigor to interpret quantitative and qualitative information and be able to translate complex data in a straight-forward and concise manner.
  • Prepare complex quantitative modeling related to compensation programs.
  • Create and ensure quality of presentations and other key deliverables (analyses, memoranda, reports, etc.)
    to be presented to board of directors and senior executives.
  • Manage project timelines and the creation of client deliverables with the support of senior team members.
  • Participate in efforts to drive continuous improvements and enhance teamwide processes.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in a business-related field;
  • Strong analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills;
  • Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality; and
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (both oral and written) and the ability to work collaboratively in an entrepreneurial team setting.

Ferguson Partners is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.



Market share in advising REIT Boards on Executive and Board-related pay matters




Global Locations


Private real estate firms Ferguson advises per year, ranging from $100 million to $100 billion of assets under management

The Team

Lucy Bertsch

Lucy Bertsch

Vice President - Executive Compensation

More details on Lucy

Lucy is a VP based in the firm’s Chicago office. Aligned with the Compensation Consulting practice, Lucy focuses on helping privately-owned real estate companies ensure that their compensation programs support organizational goals and reflect competitive market practices. With a broader background in strategic human capital management, she advises companies on how compensation fits into the overall employee experience.

Prior to joining Ferguson Partners, Lucy worked at Deloitte for eight years. Lucy earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Human & Organizational Development and Spanish from Vanderbilt University and her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Georgetown University.



Managing Director - Executive Compensation

More details on Austin

Austin is based in the firm’s Chicago office. Austin works primarily with privately held real estate platforms to develop compensation solutions that align interests, emphasize performance and results, and attract, motivate and retain key employees. He specializes in benchmarking compensation levels and opportunities, developing incentive plan arrangements (e.g., annual bonus, long-term incentives, carried interest arrangements, etc.), and structuring enterprise-level equity arrangements. In this capacity, Austin serves as a key adviser to C-Suite executives, owners, Board members, and other key stakeholders.

Prior to joining Ferguson Partners, Austin worked at Deloitte in their Compensation & Benefits practice and earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Political Science from Loyola University of Chicago.

Charlie Apfelbach

Charlie Apfelbach

Senior Associate - Compensation Consulting

More details on Charlie

Charlie is a Senior Associate in the Compensation Consulting group at Ferguson Partners, based in the firm’s Chicago office. Charlie’s primary area of focus is assisting privately-owned real estate companies with assessing compensation strategies and helping clients better understand the competitiveness of existing compensation programs. His work spans across all asset classes and various types of real estate platforms (e.g., private equity, developers, investment managers, family offices, owner/operators, etc.).

Charlie earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Communications from Denison University. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, Chicago sports, and traveling.


What's In It For Me?

A career at Ferguson will strongly develop skills related to executive relationship building, problem solving, and strategic thinking. These skills will pave the way for future success both within, and outside, the company. Our team works directly with C-Suite executives and Board Members of publicly traded companies – very few hiring organizations can offer the same opportunities and exposure in working closely with top executives.

If one is successful within this group, personal total compensation will outpace most other viable career options.  So the overall opportunity provides signifcant career growth challenges as well as total compensation upside that is matched by few others.


Why Ferguson vs. Another Consultancy?

We also offer accelerated stretch opportunities for those ready to take the next step – we are not bound by titles or years-in-grade.

Most other professional services firms tout “meritocracy”, yet they pay and promote individuals on roughly the same basis as their peers. At Ferguson, our long-term retention is high, in large part because we are committed to hiring and developing top performers. We genuinely want each employee to succeed and are committed to ensuring pay and promotions are truly merit-based.

What Is The Standard Career Path?

While we have defined levels, there is not a standard career path at Ferguson. We want the right consultant advising the client, and a lack of an overly “corporate” structure allows for flexibility. There are no walls and no ceilings, meaning we’re not focused on telling consultants what they can’t do and more focused on ensuring clients receive the best counsel.

Because we don’t have rigid rules about hierarchies and progression, there is a lot of opportunity to grow quickly, take on additional responsibility, and progress through the organization.

What Is Ferguson's Brand Recognition?

Our compensation consulting practice is highly recognized by the top companies and maintains the largest market share of publicly-traded REITs including S&P 500 companies. Our reputation gives our team direct access to the top executives and board members within our area of specialization. Given the quality and breadth of our services, we continue to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients in up markets and down markets. Accordingly, our business does not take a material hit during economic downturns – instead the nature of our projects change.

Is Focus on Industry or Functional skills?

At Ferguson, we pride ourselves as being the firm of choice for Executive Compensation Consulting within the real assets space. While we primarily focus on providing services to select real asset sectors, our skills and capabilities can be applied to most industries. We are focused on hiring those individuals who are committed to being exceptional advisors with an interest in the strategic and compensation advisory profession.

Interview Process


Discuss opportunity with Olympia


Forward resume and salary target


Olympia Video Screen


Details presented to client


Client Initial Screen and Caliper


Interviews & Case

What you can expect from Oympia:

  1. Directness – We will provide candid feedback on your background, skills, and alignment of objectives against the opportunity.
  2. Professionalism – We will keep to any commitments we make to you. Let’s hold each other to the highest standard of professionalism.
  3. Honesty – We will tell you if you are not a fit and we will share whatever information we can regarding your candidacy.


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