The Story

A Better Recruiting Story

Why is it so difficult for recruiting teams to attract qualified candidates for their open roles?  The reasons range from inefficient recruiting processes to highly competitive markets with companies looking for similar top talent.
While your particular recruiting function may need refinement in a number of areas, an effective way to generate more candidate pipeline is to focus on the elements of building and telling a Better Story.
Once you build the right story, your opportunities will look unique, compelling and will stand-out in crowded markets.
Better Story
Bigger Quality Pipeline
Better Hiring
So what is your story? Have you tailored the story to the right audience? Are the key recruiting stakeholders on the same page regarding the story?
A Framework
There is no denying the powerful emotional effect that effective storytelling can have on a buyer, consumer or candidate.
But rather than just freshening up the webpage or heading to your marketing department for fancier wording, you should start the process by getting to the root of defining those factors that are most critical in the recruiting process:
Recruiting Story Elements  
Who is your Target Candidate?
Where is your Target Candidate?
What Problem are you solving?
What Plan do you provide?
How does it end in Success?
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