The Story Who

The Problem
The Plan
Who is your ideal candidate?
Your overall story needs to focus on the candidate, not your company.  The three goals in defining the ideal candidate include:
Goal 1 - Define "Success"
Identify what the successful person will achieve in the role.  Also list the core skills required and the soft attributes needed to work internally and externally.
Goal 2 - Simplify the Profile
"Less is More".  Modify your list to the 2-3 most important competencies.  Remove filler requirements.  Review and try to simplify further.
Goal 3 - Gain Consensus
Share updated competencies with interviewers and key recruiting stakeholders.  Get everyone aligned on the 2-3 main requirements.
A thoughtful and concise set of requirements will differentiate your brand from most other companies.
Comments: Too often job descriptions are filled with unnecessary wording.  For senior level roles, some companies feel the need to include requirements such as "works well with teams" or "effective communicator".  While those are certainly areas to assess, individuals will not self-select out based on these requirements nor will the recruiting team screen out at resume review.
Be thoughtful and pragmatic on identifying the core competencies that are truly needed for the role.