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The Problem
The Plan
Where Does Top Talent Exist?
An internal recruiting team may get lucky with job postings or using key-word searches on linkedin.  But what happens when those methods fail?
To attract the best talent, you should actively source from the right set of companies.
Start by building a Target Landscape Organize competitors, by quadrant, using the following:
Quadrant 3 - Companies where you can attract talent but low skill alignment.
Quadrant 1 - Companies with low skill alignment and low probability of attracting them.
Quadrant 4 - Companies where ideal talent exists and high probability to attract the top talent.
Quadrant 2 - Companies with top talent but lower probability of attracting them.
Next, in Quadrant 4, conduct a detailed analysis by company of all roles that align with the spec.
Lastly, prioritize your sourcing list to include the best aligned talent from companies in Q4
Comments:  Most retained search firms target a familiar set of environments while contingency firms blast to individuals who match on title or key words.  In both cases, the hiring company is missing out on attracting top talent who are passive job seekers.
When common sourcing approaches fail, it is very challenging to determine how to find additional candidates.  The target landscape helps address this as it creates a comprehensive list of talent by company.  New companies can constantly be added if prior sourcing efforts fail.