The Story Success

Success - Pulling it all together
There are a few final steps for achieving recruiting success using this new approach.  For your new story, make sure that it is:
  • Do you have a unique "voice" in all of your materials?
  • Does your story sound different from others recruiting for a similar role?
  • Is your team excited to be telling the new story?
  • Are all recruiting stakeholders aligned on key messaging?
  • Does your story reinforce key themes across all candidate materials?
  • Does the story align with online reviews (e.g. glassdoor) and exit interview feedback?
Continuously Refined
  • Have you worked internally with key employees to refine the story?
  • Have you surveyed new employees to get their feedback on messaging?
  • Do you survey active candidates to get their feedback on your messaging and approach?
Comments: For thousands of years, people have been drawn to exciting and compelling stories.   Your company has a great story to share.
The better you tell the story, the more top talent you will attract!
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