The Story Problem

The Problem
The Plan
Understanding the Problem you should solve
Your overall story needs to focus on the candidate, not your company.  Understanding the reasons employees leave will help you craft the right messaging to attract them to your business.
Why Employees Leave their jobs
Company Vision
Pay / Benefits
Work/life Balance
Equality / Fairness
Work not challenging
Career Growth
Lack of Training
Health of self / family
Respect for supervisor
Poor Leadership
Lack of Recognition
Low Morale
A company can not be all things to all people.  It is important to determine those candidate problems that you are best equipped to solve and develop messaging around those areas.
Invest time assessing how your company rates in each of the above areas.  Which areas do you spike in? Which areas are a risk for your business?
While some may believe that their company is weak in all areas, this simply is not true.  Develop an honest point-of-view of your strengths and weaknesses.
In your messaging, be obvious about highlighting and reinforcing those problems you are able to address.
Comments:  Job descriptions, initial screens, and website career sections address many items unrelated to why someone leaves or joins a company.
For instance, there is plenty of print and recruiter time devoted to describing the company history.  While interesting, the founding of a company is rarely a motivation for a candidate either leaving or joining another organization.