The Story Plan

The Plan - the story shows the candidate the path to success
Thus far, you've identified and simplified:
Your Ideal Candidate
How to source the best
The Problems you can help solve
The Communication Plan focuses on aspirational goals and fit.  Help candidates see how your role stretches them, develops them, and provides a platform for making an impact on your company.
Initial Message
Describe what's in it for the candidate
Aim for unique and compelling messaging
Job description
Describe what a successful person will achieve in the role
Include skills that the candidate will build / refine as well as the long-term potential
Develop a meaningful webpage that speaks directly to WIIFM (what's in it for me).  Click for Olympia's solution.
Downplay items that provide little to no help in generating candidate interest (e.g. founder bios)
Ensure assessments centered on the 2-3 main competencies
Remove unnecessary questions and interviewers from the process
Comments:  Some additional tips for building engagment in your materials...
Keep it simple - top candidates are very busy so make it easy for them to scan your materials.
Describe the risks of candidates NOT joining.
Include what success looks like in the role.  Don't assume that an individual understands the outcomes of performing well.
Lie, deceive, misrepresent in your messaging.
Shy away from discussing problem areas in your business.  Candidates get skeptical of opportunities that sound too good to be true.
Waste time on misaligned candidates whose interests and objectives do not fit with your opportunity.