Olympia – Included in Offerings

Included in Offerings

We have structured our fees to be significantly less than our direct competitors. We provide the following at no additional cost to our clients:
  • Webpage developed to highlight key attributes and sell points of the client.
  • Rapid development - hosted live version within one week of commencing the search.
  • Professional design and content; a clear differentiator in attracting candidates.
  • Convert traditional Job Description into Performance Based JD.
  • Captures required data that oftentimes get left out of JDs.
  • Eliminates "fluff" requirements.
  • Gets to the 2-3 most critical competencies.
  • Easy scanned, mostly read.
  • Rating system that helps develop quick alignment between Olympia and client on required competencies.
  • Enhances data-driven approach in the assessment process.
  • Highly simplified in order to be usable by client and Olympia in the process.`