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Building the next generation of manufacturing and supply chains

Our Disruptive Model is changing the manufacturing industry

Fast Radius is...delivering on the promise of on-demand manufacturing, reducing upfront production costs, accelerating product development, and making the once unthinkable goal of 'zero inventory' a reality.


Fast Radius can now engineer and manufacture production-grade end-use parts that have material properties that mimic those of traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding or CNC machining.
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Using cutting edge 3D plastic and metal printing technologies, CNC machining and rapid injection molding capabilities, Fast Radius delivers virtually unlimited manufacturing capacity and capability.


The exclusive partnership with UPS enables Fast Radius to deliver supply chain solutions leveraging the most innovative digital manufacturing technologies in combination with the world’s largest network of distribution hubs.

Business Highlights

Fortune 500 Clients
Headcount (FY 2018)
Growth Rate
Backed by UPS and two of the leading VC firms in the United States
Investors share a common belief that as additive technologies continue to evolve, companies looking to produce end-use parts will require an entirely new type of supplier.
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Key Executives

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FR - LouRassey
Lou Rassey
CEO & Co-Founder
FR - PatMcCusker
Pat McCusker
COO & Co-Founder
FR - BillKing
Bill King
Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
FR - JohnNanry
John Nanry
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
FR - BrianSimms
Brian Simms
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
FR - JohnFlynn
John Flynn
Enterprise Solutions

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