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When companies consider migrating to cloud-based technologies that address customer service (call and contact center) and unified communications (phone, video, social media, etc.), they can be overwhelmed with how to build the overall strategy and how to best select and integrate the various technology providers.
Acliviti helps our clients see the entire map. We have established relationships with the leading as-a-Service and telecom providers and have deep expertise in customizing solutions that consider the big picture, drive down costs, create increased business agility, and improve the end-user experience.
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Dan Gathof, Partner Olympia Solutions   312-479-7414 (cell)

Our Expertise

The Problem: Buying technology is traditionally a seller-centric, inefficient process that is rife with complexity, confusion and stress. Most firms lack the resources and expertise to objectively and accurately analyze, align, evaluate, and implement technologies.
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Acliviti's Approach:  We have strong relationships with software firms as well as telecom hardware and software providers.  We are objective and vendor agnostic when helping clients craft a cloud solution that aligns with their objectives.  Our involvement considers the macro-problem and simplifies the process of selecting partners and implementing an enterprise-wide solution.
Key Technologies:  To be great at what we do, we continue to build depth of experience in CCaaS, UCaas, SD-Wan, Big Data, Cloud Communications, IoT, Mobile Broadband, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Social Media, Unified Communications, User Experience, Video, Video Telephony, VoIP, and WebRTC.

Our Progress

Reasons for Joining
Key Numbers
  • Forefront of evolving industry and enterprise shifts
  • Best in Breed in established relationship with all partners in Gartner' magic quadrant
  • Career Growth in a culture that is helpful, fun and cool
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Key Team Members

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Managing Director & Co-Founder
Managing Director & Co-Founder
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Director of Operations

Sales Opportunity

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  • Acliviti has already built a reputation with vendors
  • Acliviti has a team of deep technical expertise that can address the most complex integration issues
  • If Sales is successful at driving new relationships, the back-end team will deliver
  • The role can have a significant impact on the future success of the business
  • Our team values innovation - put your thumbprint on how our company goes to market and how we scale our sales organization
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